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Jacquie Donley

Director of Programs

Jacquie Donley serves as Director of Programs for Ovation School for the Performing Arts. Jacquie employs her broad range of artistic skills to oversee the overall quality of the Ovation Program. She dentifies growing youth trends, considers adjustments to programming to ensure that students are progressing, and ensured the organization is growing in the quality and diversity of what is taught in the classroom. Her priority is to identify the ongoing social, physical, and educational needs of the students and their families. 

Jacquie is  an actress, choreographer, instructor, and a composer, originally from the Washington, DC area. Born into a service-oriented family, she was taught to give back to the community and as a child, she never dropped a commitment. This led to studies in multiple musical instruments, training for sports, and a passion for overcoming obstacles. 

She began her piano studies at age 6 and became a professional accompanist by the age of 9. After a decade of studying music and sports, she initially became skilled as a conductor, musical director, instrumentalist, a swim instructor, and a singer. These studies helped pave the way for her focus in musical theatre, acting, film and music composition. 

At age 17, Jacquie chose to audition for her high school musical and was cast as Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show was reviewed in the Washington Post, nominated for best high school musical in 5 states, and televised on the Kennedy Center’s mainstage in Washington, DC. 

Jacquie is currently a student at Berklee College of Music pursuing a degree in Music Composition for Film/TV/Games. Prior to this she pursued acting with Stella Adler Studio of Acting in West Hollywood, The Royal Shakespeare Company in England, and Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. 

In her professional life, Jacquie has studied with legendary musicians and composers, acted in multiple film, TV, and theatre productions, and has several choreographer and music composer credits to her name. Her most prominent role as an actor was for the film Silent & Forgotten (ages 16+) in which she portrays thirteen silent film stars who share their stories of personal and professional hardships. 

Jacquie loves having a creative life and Ovation is the place that helps her channel it. 

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