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About Ovation

Ovation was founded in 2004 to provide a quality performing arts education that is accessible to children and teens of all demographics. In doing so, Ovation has become a safe haven for many youth in our community.


We attract students of all levels of ability, from the professional child actor to the extremely shy teenager that just wants to try something new. The students are free to explore their creativity without fear of judgment or rejection. As a result, the students who go through the program have discovered more than a gift in the arts; they have discovered security and confidence in themselves as individuals.

Our Goals

The goal for Ovation has always been to teach more than classes in the Arts. We develop confidence by teaching life skills such as self-discipline, teamwork and most importantly the concept of “paying it forward” by giving back to their community whether it’s singing to seniors at a convalescent home or handing out toys to children at Christmas. In doing this, we change the world one student at a time. 

Creativity is Limitless

Ovation's wish is to compose an environment where creativity is limitless. At the same time, true creativity must have proper structure. In the classroom, we allow the creativity to blossom while teaching structure in a non-judgmental or critical way. We set an example of structure by holding the student accountable for any and all actions. The student learns self-discipline. We believe that the most powerful way to develop this balance in the student is for the staff to be role models. Although it is true that the process of being creative is equally as important as the final product, it isn't enough to simply have the natural gift and allow it to run freely to no end. It must be cultivated and developed to its fullest potential.

Discovery of Talent

Discovery of talent happens during the process of free, uninhibited creativity. True creativity is experimenting, inventing, breaking rules, taking risks, making mistakes, and above all, having fun. When an individual is allowed to take risks without the consequence of the judgment of others he explores the discovery of new possibilities. Ovation is about the process. The end result is not necessarily the goal. Through exploration, discovery, passion, training and performance, the end goal will be reached quicker, more effectively and will be far more satisfying.

Class Structure

Ovation's Performing Arts Program meets twice a week, either Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:00 to 6:15 PM.

We have 4 groups of classes – "Tony" (ages 5-8), "Emmy" (ages 9-10), "Grammy" (ages 11-12), and "Oscar" (ages 13-18.) Each class group takes 3 classes on each day. On one day, the students take Voice, Acting and Tap. On the other day students take Voice, Acting and Musical Theater. Additionally, the Oscar Group will take Film Production and work toward writing and producing their own film by the end of the school year.

Ovation also offers a Performing Arts Program on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 for teens and adults adults with special needs. The program incorporates Dance, Acting and Singing. By offering the classes as a package at a low tuition rate, the students are able to explore all facets of the performing arts without having to choose. The result is that the students develop their skills across the board, becoming grounded all-around performers. Many students discover abilities in other areas that they never would have realized had they not had the opportunity to explore all areas of the performing arts.

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